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About the blood pressure cuff problem you know a few
   Edit:管理员   Browse:1077  Date:2017/2/22 

一: blood pressure cuffs belong to several types of medical equipment?

A: The blood pressure cuff belongs to the second class 6821 medical device.

二: how to tie blood pressure cuff?

A: First, the blood pressure cuff to meet the human arm circumference, the measurement should be calm before the mood, sit for about 5 minutes, half an hour before the measurement, do not smoke, drink. Second, the measurement should be sitting in a chair with a back, the right arm exposed, the elbow at the arm, the heart, the mercury column should be kept at the same level, the cuff to be tied to the upper arm of the measured, the lower edge of the cuff should be Elbow on the 2.5 cm, the stethoscope as the elbow fossa brachial artery,

(Up to no more than 5 cm, too high or low can affect the accuracy of the measurement.) The stethoscope placed in the elbow fossa brachial artery. (Also note that the stethoscope should not be placed in the cuff, the cuff and the stethoscope can not come across, the position of the cuff is higher, the stethoscope leaves the cuff 2-3 cm) to squeeze the air in the cuff of the sphygmomanometer After the flat pleated to the bottom of the right upper arm near the elbow joints. Elastic enough to be able to insert 2 fingers prevail. With your fingers touch the elbow brachial artery brakes, wearing a stethoscope, the stethoscope on the arteries. Do not press, nor plug in under the cuff. When the measurement is put, the hose does not touch each other.

三: normal blood pressure is how much?

A: normal blood pressure: systolic blood pressure <130mmHg, diastolic blood pressure <85mmHg; ideal blood pressure: systolic blood pressure <120mmHg, diastolic blood pressure <80mmHg.

四: blood pressure cuff how to disinfect?

A: The sphygmomanometer crotch disinfection recommended with chlorine disinfectant soaking method or 75% alcohol scrub disinfection, and then dry. The cuff (wristbands) of the sphygmomanometer are in direct contact with the skin of the human body, so it is recommended that one patient be disinfected once the cuffs are contaminated or free of contamination. So to prevent bacterial infection, to prevent the health of patients.

五: blood pressure cuffs are divided into several categories?

A: According to the use of one-time non-invasive blood pressure cuff and repeatable non-invasive blood pressure cuff, according to the patients to sub: to increase adult single and double tube, adult single and double tube, small adult single and double tube, Double tube, neonatal single and double tube of the points; according to the blood pressure cuff lock material used nylon and TPU material.

六: thin blood pressure tied too tight on the blood pressure have any effect?

A: blood pressure cuff tied too tight will cause high blood pressure, and tied too loose will result in less than blood pressure or blood pressure is low, for this, so to try to moderate, more than a few measurements to take the average is more accurate.

七: how to choose blood pressure cuff?

A: election blood pressure cuff, must choose their own arm circumference is almost the same size or slightly larger. So to prevent the arm circumference is too long people tied not tight, resulting in less than the amount of blood pressure.

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