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A variety of uses for blood pressure cuffs
   Edit:管理员   Browse:1722  Date:2017/2/22 

Blood pressure cuff, belonging to the field of medical equipment technology. The current use of the sphygmomanometer cuff to fix the paste, when the patient's blood pressure is too high, the cuff pressure is higher, the cuff can be increased with the inflatable pressure and continue to loose, resulting in greater measurement error, and sometimes the patient Of the arm caused by subcutaneous bleeding. The technical scheme of the utility model is that the elastic cuff 3 is fixed at both ends respectively, and the cuffs are fixed on both sides and the buckle 4, the adjustable length locking head 1 is fixedly connected to the other side of the cuff 2, and the vent tube 5 is connected with the cuff 2 The Its advantages are: structural design in line with the mechanical requirements of blood pressure, so that the cuff in the arm tied to a solid, to avoid the cuff off. When the patient's blood pressure is high, the elastic cuffs from the buffer effect, will not cause the pressure is too high and cause the patient's arm subcutaneous bleeding, its use to make blood pressure more accurate.

We found in the clinical, sphygmomanometer on the cuff is not only used in the measurement of blood pressure, but also can have other uses.

1. arterial invasive blood pressure monitoring: major surgery, critically ill patients before surgery anesthesia, in order to observe the patient's blood pressure, more intuitive, more accurate understanding of the disease, easy to surgery and timely treatment, the need for patients with arterial blood pressure monitoring.

2. pressurized blood transfusion, infusion: surgery patients with large bleeding, the need for pressurized blood transfusion and infusion, rapid blood volume, to maintain blood pressure stability.


1. To carry out arterial blood pressure monitoring: Because the arterial pressure is high, in order to pressurize and prevent coagulation, need to add 500ml of saline in the 1/2 heparin, heparin saline bag with a sphygmomanometer cuffs wrapped around, and then to the cuff Inflated until the charge does not enter the gas so far.
2. pressurized transfusion transfusion: limited to the flexible packaging of the storage bags and liquid bags, the same sphygmomanometer rolling wound in the liquid bag can be inflated, but the blood transfusion and infusion with the amount of liquid reduction, cuff pressure, Should pay attention to observation, at any time to ensure that the pressure effect.

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