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How does the sphygmomanometer be disinfected?
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Blood pressure monitor is used to measure blood pressure instruments, through the use of blood pressure monitor can be clear that each person's blood pressure is normal, can help people find the disease in a timely manner, timely treatment. Especially those who have high blood pressure, must regularly measure blood pressure. The sphygmomanometer cuff is an important part of the sphygmomanometer, that the sphygmomanometer cuff is a direct contact with the skin, to regular disinfection, that sphygmomanometer cuff how to disinfect?

How does the sphygmomanometer be disinfected?
Sphygmomanometer cuff disinfection recommended with 75% alcohol wipe, and then dry. The cuff of the sphygmomanometer (wrist strap) can be used in direct contact with the patient's skin, so it is best to use a disinfection once for the cuff.

Blood pressure monitor mainly auscultation sphygmomanometer and oscillographic sphygmomanometer.

Auscultation method is divided into artificial auscultation and automatic auscultation method, mercury sphygmomanometer (pressure gauge), spring watch sphygmomanometer (pressure gauge) is the early manual auscultation sphygmomanometer, the current manual auscultation method has several blood pressure monitor, Beam sphygmomanometer, light sphygmomanometer, LCD sphygmomanometer, etc .; auscultation automation technology is difficult. Keshi auscultation automation will be the main direction of the development of blood pressure monitor. Automated auscultation method Blood pressure gauge will make blood pressure measurement more convenient and more accurate.

Oscillographic method, also known as the oscillation method, simply that is obtained in the deflation process generated by the oscillation wave, through a certain algorithm conversion derived blood pressure value. The vast majority of electronic sphygmomanometers are designed using oscillographic principles. Electronic sphygmomanometer with upper arm type, wrist type, finger type of points.

Cuffs do not measure the results differently
Mercury sphygmomanometer requires users to receive professional training, but also with the use of stethoscopes, so for the family is indeed not convenient, and sometimes the results are not allowed in fact the patient is not appropriate to use the method caused.

For example, some people do not know the sphygmomanometer cuffs the right place to wear, so the results of each measurement of blood pressure are not the same. In fact, whether it is mercury sphygmomanometer or electronic sphygmomanometer, the bottom of the cuff should be in the arm elbow above the top 1 to 2 cm place. Some patients put the cuffs too high or too low, blood flow through these places when the pressure has changed, the measurement results of course not accurate.

In addition, some electronic sphygmomanometer cuffs use a range of 22 to 32 cm, but some users of the arm circumference is greater or less than the scope of cuffs, so that the blood pressure measurements may not be accurate. So be sure to arrange a suitable size of the cuff, and put it in the exact location.

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